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Muntjac deer. Other calls include: Distress calls Various grunts. Red deer stag - roaring. Other calls include: Rutting calls Sparring sounds Dominant grunts. Duck - greeting call. Other calls include: Mallard hails Various quacks Various greeting calls. Mallard - comeback call. Other calls include:


FOXPRO custom programming sound listing. You pick the predator hunting sounds you want programmed on to your caller.


Now you can set loop interval control for playing the calls and use it as flashlight. Go hunting? Get Hunting Call before you leave. This app can produce the sound to call most small game and big game animals. Why buy multiple plastic calls if you can put all the stuff in your slim iPhone, iPod, iPad. Including calls Deer: Adult Buck Grunt Buck ...


Deer Rut Ashton Court Bristol1.mp3 - mp3 version Deer Rut Ashton Court Bristol1.mp3 - ogg version Deer Rut Ashton Court Bristol1.mp3 - waveform Deer Rut Ashton Court Bristol1.mp3 - spectrogram 61765.0


This is a recording of a male fallow deer or ‘Buck’ bellowing in Haldon Forest, Devon. These animals are usually sighted in broadleaf and open coniferous woodland and are found in most counties throughout the UK. They tend to be gregarious with group size and degree of sexual segregation being largely dependant on population density and habitat.


Current Sounds Available: Baby Coon Growl/ Baby Coon Twitters/ Killdeer Distress/ Baby Robin Distress/ Red Squirrel Distress/ Porcupine Distress/ Boar Squeals/ Billy Goat Cries/ Hungry Kittens/ Ducklings/ Coyote Bark/ Mad Coyote Growl & Bark/ Rat Distress/ Dog Whimpers/ Pup Cries-Handcall/ Rabbit Distress-Handcall


An exhale-inhale custom deer call made of Cedar of Lebanon. Sounds as good as it looks. Sold: $124.95. Osage Orange Inhale-Exhale Deer Call . Osage Orange deer call with African Blackwood trim. This is an Exhale-Inhale deer call. This call has turned color, as all Osage Orange calls do. It is now a toasty brown color.