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Depending on the type of business being established, business owners need to apply for state and perhaps federal permits and licenses, says the Small Business Administration. States have specific requirements for each type of business. Businesses that deal with specific products such as tobacco or f


Business licenses are regulated and issued by the state where the business is located; therefore, a business license can be looked up, searched and found online from the specific state's website. To find a company's or individual's license, search the name of the business from the website of the sta


Where a small business license is obtained depends on the type of business and the business location. Certain business require federal, state and local permits, which are obtained from different entities.


The basic requirements of a driving license application involve the submission of acceptable proof to the applicant’s local Department of Motor Vehicle office. These include proof of identity, proof of residency in a particular state and the individual’s Social Security number. Other requirements in


Free job applications can help small businesses by providing a more thorough evaluation of potential employees beyond the information offered by resumes or cover letters. Additionally, these applications can make it easier for candidates to apply for company positions by making the applications more


A business license number is issued when a business has successfully obtained a license to operate in certain municipalities. It simply acts as a reference number.


While driver's license requirements vary somewhat between states, most request that an applicant provide her name, date of birth, address, Social Security number, and some proof of both state residency and U.S. citizenship or naturalization. Most states also require male applicants under age 26 to p


In order to apply for a business license, a business owner needs a form of payment, business information, list of all owners, and knowledge of type of registration needed. The information needed for a business license may vary from state to state and may also depend on the type of business.


Get a marriage license application either online or at the local city or county clerk office or the registrar office. Some locations offer online marriage applications, while others require it to be picked up at the clerk office.


Although states moderate marriage licenses, you can usually find an application for a marriage license through the county clerk in your area or, depending on where you live, online. A list of where to apply according to state is available online at USMarriageLaws.com.