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It is possible to get updated collegiate and professional scores from Fox Sports's official website, FOXSports.com. A more concise live scoreboard is available at foxsports.com/scores. Installing the Fox Sports mobile app, The Big Board, also allows the retrieval of live scores from around the world


The viewing schedule for Fox Sports South is available online at FoxSports.com. Hover the mouse over the More heading at the top right of the home page, and then click South under the Local link on the drop-down menu.


As of May 2015, Fox Sports South covers five southeastern states: Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. North Carolina and South Carolina are covered by FOX Sports Carolinas and Florida is covered by FOX Sports Florida. Other regional FOX Sports Networks include FOX Sports Midwest,


Some of the original shows on the FOX Sports 1 channel include "Crowd Goes Wild," "FOX Football Daily," the documentary series "Being" and "The Jones and Moseley Show." FOX Sports 1 also televises college basketball and football games, NASCAR races, UFC fights and USGA events.


To download the Fox Sports GO app, navigate to Google Play or the Mac App Store, as of 2015. The exact process depends on the operating system of the device.


The cable channels on the Fox Sports Network vary by region and by cable or satellite service provider. Fox Sports Network is a group of regional sports networks operated by Fox entertainment group.


Fox Sports 2 is not available on Comcast according to the channel lineup on Comcast’s website Xfinity.com. This lineup, however, does not take into account any location details.


NASCAR fans can watch selected races on Fox broadcast TV stations, while races shown on Fox Sports One require access to cable or satellite TV. NASCAR maintains a comprehensive TV schedule at its website with listings for races and other related programming.


Fox Sports 1 is on channel 150 in the Dish Network channel lineup. Channel 150 supports both standard and high definition televisions. Fox Sports 1 is a 24-hour sports network that began broadcasting in August 2013.


Fox Sports Southwest covers the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks and Houston Texans. It also covers the San Antonio Spurs, New Orleans Pelicans and Oklahoma City Thunder. Fox Sports Southwest covers teams from the Big 12 Conference and Conference USA.