Different species of foxes will have different habitat preferences. However, all will live in some sort of a den environment crafted either underground, in a cave or in dense brush. More »

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The arctic fox lives in the Arctic regions of the northern hemisphere. This includes the northernmost parts of Canada, Alaska and Russia. The arctic fox has several adaptations, such as a compact body and thick fur, that... More »

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The red fox, the most common fox species, can hear a mouse squeaking 330 feet away or a watch ticking 40 yards away. Foxes can locate sounds very accurately and use their hearing to find and catch prey. More »

Most foxes live in forests or other wooded areas. Some species of fox prefer a habitat in a more urban environment. The specific habitat of a fox varies depending on the species. More »

Female foxes are called vixens and the male fox is called a dog, tod or reynard. A female fox that is not a breeder is referred to as a nanny. More »

Coyotes are much larger than foxes, as they reach nearly 47 pounds in weight, while red foxes only reach about 31 pounds. Additionally, coyotes have head and body lengths that approach 40 inches, while red foxes rarely e... More »