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That's because some sources will include only the stages of frog eggs, tadpoles, and adult frogs while others will include tadpoles with front legs, tadpoles with hind legs, and froglets in their description of the life cycle of a frog. The four main stages of a frog's life are generally held to be eggs, tadpole, froglet, and adulthood.


Learn the four stages of metamorphosis in a frog’s life with the Life Cycle of a Frog Worksheet. The Life Cycle of a Frog. Frogs are amphibians, which means that they can live in water or on land. They go through several stages of life before they become adult frogs and during those stages, they live only in water. Stage 1: Egg


The life cycle of a frog consists of three stages: egg, larva, and adult. As the frog grows, it moves through these stages in a process known as metamorphosis. Frogs are not the only animals to undergo metamorphosis; most other amphibians also undergo remarkable changes throughout their life cycles, as do many species of invertebrates. During ...


4 Stages in a Frog’s Life Cycle. The process begins when a female frog will lay a cluster of gelatinous eggs, either in a water body or on a leaf overhanging one, after which the male frog fertilizes the eggs, only once they have been laid. When these eggs hatch, the emerging creatures look nothing like their parents.


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The eggs that survive will hatch after about 7 to 9 days and begin the frog cycle and start the many life stages of a frog. But they don't get to be frogs just yet; they have to go through the tadpoles' life cycle first. The Tadpole.


Life Cycle of a Frog Life Cycle of a Frog. 1 - Egg . The first stage is the egg stage. Eggs are usually laid in or near water. A frog can lay thousands of eggs at once. The eggs are laid in large groups. There are covered in jelly which makes them slippery. The jelly protects them from other animals eating the eggs.


Label Frog Life Cycle Diagram Printout. egg - Tiny frog eggs are laid in masses in the water by a female frog. The eggs hatch into tadpoles. tadpole - (also called the polliwog) This stage hatches from the egg. The tadpole spends its time swimming in the water, eating and growing.


The frog also has four stages of its life cycle. Created with CAST's UDL Book Builder. The first stage of a frog's life cycle is an egg. Frogs lay between 2 and 10,000 eggs at a time. Created with CAST's UDL Book Builder. The second stage of a frog's life is a tadpole. A tadpole swims in the water and breathes using gills.


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