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The word seek is a four letter word that fits the required description of "to go in search of." This is the definition according to Merriam-Webster.


Lists of English words four letters in length can be found at websites such as Word Find, Your Dictionary and Scrabble Wizard. Note that "four-letter word" is also an English idiom for curse words; the website NoSwearing lists English four-letter words in this slang sense.


Some commonly used five-letter words are "about," "after," "never," "order" and "other." A few other common five-letter words are "night," "music," "paper," "stand" and "start."


"Helmet, "orient", "ornate", "ration" and "retina" are some examples of common six-letter words in the English language. Other six-letter words that are frequently used include "auntie", "drawer" and "stench".


The letter "A" is one of the most popularly used letters in the English language, and some words that begin with it are "aardvark," "abnormal" and "abject." Other words include "area," "atrophy" and "analogy."


Under, unit, use and usual are some common words that start with the letter "u." Each of these words, as listed on UsingEnglish.com, include the word's statistics, lexical information and grammatical information. All of these words are among the 1000 most-used words of the English language.


Some long words that start with the letter "l" include labefactation, lachrymogenic, largiloquent, lautenclavicymbel and lendumbrilate. A few more common long "l" words are libertarianism, liquification, logocentrism, lugubrious and luminescence.


Find lists of four-letter words on WordFind.com and WordFinder.YourDictionary.com, as of 2015. WordFinder.YourDictionary.com allows visitors to find four-letter words and enter known letters and wildcards to find words. WordFind.com also provides definitions.


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A thank you letter should be directly addressed to the person (or persons) who is being thanked. It is very important to specifically mention the gift or the thoughtful act or expression for which the person is being thanked. The formality of the letter should be based on the relationship with the g