There are degrees of self-disclosure, ranging from relatively safe (revealing your ... The window is divided into four quadrants: the arena, the blind spot, the ...

Self-disclosure is a process of communication by which one person reveals information about ... The degree to which the information revealed is private or personal is the depth of that disclosure. It is easier for ..... A study by Watkins ( 1990) formulated four model hypotheses for the use of self-disclosure in therapy sessions.

Dec 6, 2014 ... When the paper opened, the student would see four quadrants: Things about me I ... There are degrees of self-disclosure. We always have a ...

Discuss the process of self-disclosure, including how we make decisions about what, ... To help understand the concept, think of a window with four panes.

Intimacy in Relationships; Self-Disclosure in Relationships; Alternatives to Self- Disclosure. 2. INTIMACY AND DISTANCE IN ... Degrees of Self-Disclosure.

confederate's self-disclosure (high or low degree of intimacy) on a recipient where ... were assigned to one of four experimental conditions in a factorial design.

Jun 19, 2018 ... Self-disclosure is what we are willing to reveal about ourselves to others. Discover the profound impact it can have on our social relationships.

In this first chapter, I discuss the general nature of self-disclosure, including a short .... involving some degree of intentionality, but it sidesteps the intriguing ques- ... that openness in relationships can be conceptualized as consisting of four.

He taught social sciences for four years at ..... counselor-trainee's degree of readiness for self-disclosure and his .... were four supervisors in the Practicum Staff.