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The smallest words that contain the letter X are ax, ex, ox, xi and xu. Some three-letter words that use the letter X are six, mix, wax, fix and hex.


Some words that start with X are xenon, x-ray, xylophone and xenia. The letter X is the third least-common letter in the English alphabet. It is used more frequently than the letters Z and Q, but still only has a frequency of approximately 0.15 percent.


The word seek is a four letter word that fits the required description of "to go in search of." This is the definition according to Merriam-Webster.


Lists of English words four letters in length can be found at websites such as Word Find, Your Dictionary and Scrabble Wizard. Note that "four-letter word" is also an English idiom for curse words; the website NoSwearing lists English four-letter words in this slang sense.


Although there is no food that starts with the letter "x" in the English language, "xigua" is a Chinese word for watermelon and was the original name for the food. The xigua is a melon with powerful health benefits and there are more than 1,200 different varieties of the sweet watermelon worldwide.


Four different four-letter words can be formed from the letters e, a, n and m if each of the letters is used only once: mane, amen, name and mean. A number of names that are not common in the English language can also be made from these letters.


BMW produces a range of sport-utility vehicles called the X1, the X3, the X4, the X5 and the X6. Citroen makes the Xsara, the Xantia and the XM, while Nissan produces the X Trail and X Terra.


Some commonly used five-letter words are "about," "after," "never," "order" and "other." A few other common five-letter words are "night," "music," "paper," "stand" and "start."


"Helmet, "orient", "ornate", "ration" and "retina" are some examples of common six-letter words in the English language. Other six-letter words that are frequently used include "auntie", "drawer" and "stench".


Xacuti, xiaolongbao, ximenia, xoconostle and xpinec are just some of the foods that begin with the letter “X.” Because so few words begin with the letter “X” in English, all of these foods come from countries outside the United States.