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The formula for potassium nitride is K3N. A nitride is a chemical compound formed by nitrogen and another element of lower electronegativity. Electronegativity refers to the amount of valence electrons a given element has.


The formula for nitride ion is N3?. The term nitride ion refers to any chemical compound containing nitrogen ions that have a negative-three oxidation state.


The chemical formula for aluminum nitride is AlN. The compound contains one aluminum atom that is bound to a nitrogen atom, and it was first synthesized in 1877.


The molecular formula for iron(II) nitride, also called ferrous nitride, is Fe3N2. The two elements in iron(II) nitride are represented by the symbol Fe for iron and the symbol N for nitrogen.


The chemical formula for tin(II) nitride is Sn3N2. The chemical symbol Sn is used to represent tin, while the chemical symbol N is used to represent nitrogen.


The chemical formula of strontium nitride is Sr3N2. The formula describes a molecule that contains three atoms of the element strontium and two atoms of the element nitrogen. The symbol for each element can be found on the periodic table of elements.


Silver nitride, previously referred to as fulminating silver, has a molecular formula of Ag3N. It is a solid chemical compound that is black and metallic-looking in appearance. It is known to be explosive and flammable.