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The formatting toolbar found in most applications with text editing features is used to change the format of selected text. It contains a series of icons that act as shortcuts to frequently used formatting commands.


The formatting toolbar is a toolbar in Microsoft Office 2003 and earlier applications, such as Word and Excel, that gives the user the ability to change the formatting of selected text.


The Drawing toolbar is located at the bottom of the window, between the Horizontal Scroll bar and the Status bar. Like every other toolbar, this also contains smart icons representing shortcuts to Main menu commands in Word.


The formatting toolbar is used in many software programs to provide options for formatting text. This toolbar is common in word processors, spreadsheet programs and rich text editors. Almost any program or interface that allows users to format text uses a formatting toolbar to provide options.


The article provides the detailed guidance on how use conditional formatting Icon Sets, Data Bars and Color Scales in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. It will teach you how to extend these conditional formats beyond their common uses and apply icons based on another cell's value.


It is a toolbar that has the icons that provide the various formatting settings for cells, columns, rows and data in Excel. For example, it can allow you to change the colours of rows, cells and ...


The Formatting toolbar is located by default next to the Standard toolbar. It contains buttons representing text modifying commands, such as font, text size, bold, numbering, and bullets. To view the entire Formatting toolbar, click the small arrow (in Word) or double arrows (in Excel and PowerPoint) on the far right of the Formatting toolbar.


Formatting toolbar- The Formatting toolbar provides many of the most common options for formatting selected text, such as font, font size, font weight, alignment, and color.


Formatting Toolbar . Learn about each of the Microsoft Word Formatting Toolbar Icons. There is a practice quiz to test your learning. Standard | Formatting | Drawing | Customize The Formatting toolbar. This entire toolbar could become a floating window by double-clicking on the control bar at the far left end of this toolbar.


This toolbar can be restored to its original position by clicking in the gray bar at the top and dragging it back to the top of the screen. Push the top of the window up to the bottom of the menu bar.