A relieving letter is issued by the human resources department of a company to an employee that has resigned formally from his or her position. It is a formal acknowledgement from the company that the resignation was acc... More »

A job relieving letter is written to accept the resignation of an employee or to terminate an employee. The letter needs to contain information about the employee's position, start and end dates and the reason for resign... More »

To format a letter, include the heading, greeting, body, closing and signature. You need a word processor, your address and the recipient’s address. More »

An employee transfer letter is an official letter stating why an employee is being transferred to another department in an organization and includes things like the name of the person being transferred, salary, date of t... More »

A voluntary redundancy letter is a letter that an employee writes to his or her employer, requesting to voluntarily leave the company. The employee stands a chance to receive incentives for willingly quitting his or her ... More »

Begin a letter to a new employee with an informal salutation and a statement of excitement about the employee's future with the company. Introduce yourself or the manager of the department and let the employee know who i... More »

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Write an employment verification letter by stating your name and position within the company, stating the purpose of the letter and including the name, position and pay rate of the employee. It is also important to follo... More »