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Determining the appropriate way to address your wedding invitation envelopes can be a tricky process. As a rule of thumb, the outer envelope of your wedding invitation should be more formal, with titles and full names, while the inner envelope is more informal, leaving out first names or titles and last names (if you're very close to the guest).


Keep reading for illustrated instructions showing proper etiquette for addressing the outer and inner envelopes. Or, use our interactive form for quick answers on how to address invitations for most everyone attending your wedding. Make it even easier by letting us address your invitations for you with customized address labels!


Not quite sure how to address those invitation envelopes? We’ve got you covered! Here are some traditional rules of thumb to reference. Happy addressing! List on the same line. Use the title “The Mesdames” for two women and the title “The Mssrs.” for two men, followed by both first names ...


If you choose to use formal invitations for your wedding, there are a number of etiquette rules to follow. You'll have to consider things such as whether a woman uses her maiden name, how to address doctors and judges, and how you should list children's names.


Address book, cup of tea and stationery at the ready, you start addressing invitations for your husband’s fortieth birthday party. All of a sudden you realize you are in a potential etiquette minefield. Jane and John are married, but she does not want to be addressed as “and Mrs. John Kelly;” Sam and Sue are … Continued


Learn How to Address Wedding Invitations Like a Pro With This Envelope Etiquette Guide ... To make sure those formal invitations are addressed properly, we turned to Anna Post, author of Emily Post’s Etiquette, 19th edition ...


When it comes to addressing wedding invitations, most websites and etiquette experts seem to take an all-or-nothing approach.Most new to tradition insist that wedding invitations be addressed in the most formal way possible, "Mr. and Mrs. John Edward Smith."


How to Address Wedding Invitations on Envelopes. ... That's right—there's even etiquette for how to address an envelope. ... the outer envelope should be more formal, while the inner envelope is ...


How to Address Formal Envelopes. Addressing formal envelopes properly serves different purposes, including demonstrating respect to recipients and providing a visual cue to the formality of the event. How you address your envelope will...


Opening a wedding invitation is unlike opening any other piece of mail. Much care goes into addressing both the inner and outer envelopes. Several enclosures usually accompany the invitation itself, and there is a thoughtful order to how they are placed inside the outer envelope, and even a few things to think about when you stamp and mail them.