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Foreign exchange charts are available from major financial websites such as MSN Money and Yahoo Finance. Specialty Forex websites, such as DailyFX and FXStreet, also make charts available.


Forex.com exists so retail investors can buy or sell foreign currencies through a foreign exchange, according to Forex.com. As of 2015, traders may buy or sell various currencies 24 hours per day, from 5 p.m. EST Sunday through 5 p.m. EST the following Friday. Retail tr...


Read a Forex chart for the euro and U.S. dollar by tracking the pair’s value over time from left to right, with the most recent price farthest to the right. The chart displays the number of U.S. dollars needed to purchase one euro at specific points along a selected tim...


Forex trading is the exchange of different currencies at an agreed rate on the over-the-counter market. Forex is the leading trade market in the world, with over 4 trillion dollars exchanged in a single day.


NetDania's foreign exchange market charts are accurate in the sense that they show live prices rather than delayed prices, according to NetDania's website. The charts update in real time. Time scale options for any chart range from one minute to monthly.


The Forex is not a centralized market index where people can track major currencies. It is a decentralized market consisting of commercial banks, investment management firms, central banks and retail brokers and investors.


Canadian Forex is an online service company that provides financial services such as international money transfers in over 50 currencies. Canadian Forex is owned by OzForex, which is an Australian online foreign exchange and payments company. The company is part of the ...