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In 2004, forensic anthropology findings led New Jersey prosecutors to reinvestigate the cause of James Ridgeway's death, which was inconclusive in 1979. In another case, reconstructive techniques helped identify the fragmented remains of a San Diego woman named Joy Risker, whose body was buried in an Arizona desert.


State v. Nyhuis, Nos. 63601, 66905, COURT OF APPEALS OF MISSOURI, EASTERN DISTRICT, DIVISION TWO, 906 S.W.2d 405; 1995 Mo. App. LEXIS 1605, September 26, 1995, Filed In November 1998, human remains were found in a remote location on the S Bar F Boy Scout Ranch in St. Francois County. A forensic anthropologist who specialized…


The resulting trial became one of the most bizarre and expensive judicial cases in the history of Tennessee. The Weird: The forensic anthropologist on the case, Bill Bates, worked tirelessly to figure out how the women had been killed, how they were connected, and why their bodies were so mangled.


Addenda and Updates . Forensic science is continually evolving, and sometimes fresh evidence helps to crack old cases. The relatively recent introduction of DNA evidence, innovations in cloth fiber identification, or new rounds of interrogation, for example, often help to create breaks in old mysteries.While we do our utmost to keep abreast of changing developments in these fascinating cases ...


Category Archives: Current Cases ... Posted in Current Cases, Forensic Industry News, Mass Disaster. After 27 Years, Judge Overturns Rape Conviction. Posted on June 13, ... The decision is the result, in part, of the increased sophistication of DNA testing in recent years. But it also reflects the willingness of prosecutors in Connecticut to ...


An array of authors in recent years have shined the spotlight on forensic anthropology and contributed to a wave of forensic-themed crime fiction. Here is a glimpse: Kathy Reichs created the famous forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan, in her debut novel Deja Dead.


Here are two case scenarios where the assistance of a forensic anthropologist would be necessary: Case 1 A hunter is in the woods and comes across what he thinks is a human skull. He marks the area and goes to get police to bring them back to the area. A forensic anthropologist might be called to assist in determining first of all if the remains are in fact human.


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Forensic science is shedding new light on one of the most notorious murder cases in British history. In 1910 American born Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen was found guilty and subsequently hanged for the murder of his wife Cora.