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How can I reset an airbag module to turn of the airbag light? ... This is the time required for the restraints control module (RCM) to complete the testing of the SRS. ... I changed the driver seat belt, because it was bad. But in Ford dealership said that maybe I would need to change a passenger buckle, because Focus has sensors in driver seat ...


Ford airbag reset for your SRS module, erasing all crash data and hard codes after accident. If your Ford airbag light is on, airbags have been deployed, Ford has been in a crash or an accident ...


Ranger & B-Series - Restraints Control Module Resets - Does anyone have any experience with companies that reset RCMs? MY airbag light is flashing 1-9 indicating crash memory full. I would love to save some money by not replacing the unit. I am having a hard time even getting a price on a new unit.


Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe. In this video we remove and reset an airbag module off a 2014 Ford Explorer that has been in an accident.


If after we have reset your airbag module you still have "internal control module failure" code, it means that you also have hardware issues and will most likely need to replace the airbag module. Even though in our practice its possibility is less than 1% , we still want you to know possible outcomes .


That would be the restraint control module. It's located underneath the center console - in all newer vehicles, this is where you'll find it. The idea is that it should be the last thing damaged in the event of a crash.


Ford SRS Airbag Module Reset - Clear Crash Data. Is your Ford SRS airbag light on after accident? Salvage car? Airbags deployed? Crash data or hard codes stored? If so, we can reset your Ford SRS airbag module back to factory condition - erasing all crash data and hard codes after accident!


“This is the second time I had a airbag control module reset here, both times the turn around time was short, had the module back in about a weeks time. Great quality work, the airbag light stays off like they say. I would have got my seat belts reset here too if i had realized that they can do that before I got new ones.


The SRS Airbag control module must be reset if your vehicle was in an accident and the airbag light is on. If, however, your vehicle was not in an accident, there are a variety of reasons why your vehicle’s airbag light may turn on. Our skilled technicians at MyAirbags provide high quality airbag module reset services for customers nationwide.


Home Exchange and Parts In Stock Airbag Modules In Stock FORD EXPLORER SRS Airbag RCM Restraint Control Module Sensor Part #EB5T-14B321-BA. Sale! FORD EXPLORER SRS Airbag RCM Restraint Control Module Sensor Part #EB5T-14B321-BA. Sku: INV6902. ... When you send your original module for reset it will be 99% plug-n-play when you get it back. In ...