There are two fuse boxes on the Ford Ranger: one is located under the hood, while the other is found underneath the driver side dashboard. Fuse boxes, also known as fuse panels, house all the fuses to run all the electri... More »

You can find a Ford F-150 fuse box diagram for free on the official website of the manufacturer. Other websites also provide fuse box diagrams for free. More »

A good location for finding fuse box diagrams is the Auto Fuse Box Diagram site.Fuse box diagrams can be found for many makes and models of vehicles. More »

Most fuel pump relays are located near the fuse box or panel, which is usually found under the hood or under the dashboard. If the relay is not near the fuse panel, it may take some additional exploration around the engi... More »

To troubleshoot a Ford Ranger, first diagnose the issue. Check whether shifting of the four-by-four system to a high position is possible by pressing the corresponding button. The four-by-four and the dash button should ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Push-button ignition switches are installed by drilling a hole in a vehicle's dashboard and adding a fuse underneath its hood. Power wires run from the fuse to the battery and the switch to the solenoid. The switch is in... More »

The fuel filter on a Ford Ranger is located underneath the chassis and requires safely raising the truck as well as releasing the fuel pressure from the system to access it. Once the fuel pressure is released, the filter... More »