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The top-rated pickup truck from Ford Motors is the Ford F-150, say authors at Forbes. The F-150 enjoys the records of Ford's best-selling truck for nearly 40 years, and its sales also outpace those of Ford's other automobiles, including wagons and sedans.


Primary uses of pickup truck beds center on recreational hauling and functional transport of lumber and other supplies. Shorter beds are efficient for long-hauling of basic cargo and supplies, while longer beds are often designed specifically to accommodate moving of plywood and other large lumber,


New take-off and used truck beds for pickup trucks are available from Dundee Automotive at Pickuptrucksalvage.com, and they are also sold at SubwayTruckParts.com. UNeedAPart.com offers a wide variety of used pickup truck beds.


Find pickup trucks for sale at PickupTrucks.com, a resource that contains lists of new and used pickup trucks as well as a simple search function on its home page. Cars.com is also a good place to check for available new or used trucks. There are numerous other websites that offer search functions a


Some ways one finds old pickup trucks for sale include browsing through used car dealer listing sites such as CarGurus.com or specialized pickup truck classifieds sites such as PickupTrucks.com. General classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org and auction sites such as eBay.com also commonly contain


Pickup trucks can be listed for sale on eBay, Craigslist, AutoTrader.com and Cars.com. The cost depends on the site: Craigslist ads are free, Cars.com offers both free and paid listings, and AutoTrader.com only offers paid listings.


Find cheap pickup trucks for sale by searching for used models sold by private sellers on sites such as eBay, Cars.com, PickupTrucks.com and Craigslist. Used cars are cheaper than new cars and private sellers often feature lower prices compared to dealers, though they come with different risks as we


To replace the bed on a Ford F350, grind the heads off the Taplite 2000 bed bolts that attach the bed to the frame, remove the tail lights and disconnect the bed's wiring, then use a post lift, engine hoist or the help of three other people to remove the bed and replace it. Consult the F350's mainte


A utility bed for a pickup truck includes a cargo unit for tools and utilities needed on job sites or for personal use. The rectangular unit hooks onto the truck bed closest to the cab of the truck and allows easy access to cargo items.


Tips for finding classic pickup trucks for sale include searching classic car forums and auction sites as well as browsing local classifieds websites, which may contain tools to find specific makes and models of trucks. Another option is to visit a classic car show, which may feature trucks for sale