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The keyless entry is a convenience feature on the Ford unless it stops working, and then it can become a problem. The first step to fixing the problem is to determine what type of keyless entry you have. There are wired pads and radio frequency pads.


Mine is finally going back in on Wednesday for the battery saver follow-up tests by Ford. I'm also having problems with the keyless entry number pad on the driver-side door. Last week, it was flashing wildly after I got out of the car and locked the door with the fob. First, all the numbers started flashing together.


Common problems of the Ford keyless entry remote control include a dead battery and failure of the key fob buttons. Keyless entry remote controls allow car owners to lock and unlock their cars without actually inserting their keys into the vehicle.


Keyless entry and push button starting relies on your car reading a signal from the key fob, to get ready to start the car. (Which is also why you shouldn’t open your doors if you fill up with the wrong fuel, as some cars take this as a signal to start priming the engine – sending fuel through the system.)


This is a short video that will help you if you have a problem with your keyless entry. We demonstrated on a 2015 Ford Fiesta ST. If your push start button is not working one of the antenna ...


Most Ford vehicles now come standard with a keyless entry remote control. This allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle doors without actually inserting the key into the door handle. Many Ford vehicles also provide an open trunk feature. However, you can still set off the alarm while attempting to open the power ...


SecuriCode™ keyless entry keypad This video shows you how to use your vehicle’s SecuriCode keypad to lock and unlock your doors without having to use a key. You can also program this convenient keypad to recall your preferred seat and mirror settings, as well as set your personalized entry code.


2013-2014 Focus FORD: 2013-2014 Escape ISSUE: Some 2013 C-MAX, 2013-2014 Escape and Focus vehicles equipped with Passive Entry-Passive Start (PEPS) and Intelligent Access (IA) may exhibit a customer concern of intermittent IA Smart Unlock function at the left or right front door is inoperative. This may be due to a salt, water, dirt film which ...


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I thought I noticed some issues with the keyless entry keypad on my 2013 FFH last week, but held off on posting anything. Today, the issue seemed to happen again. I was trying to use the lock feature by pressing the 7-8 and 9-0 buttons simultaneously.