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While the specifics of individual models may vary, diesel motorhomes tend to be more fuel efficient than gas motor homes because diesel fuel allows for the creation of more energy than gasoline. However, in most areas, diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline because it is less commonly used.


A motorhome, sometimes called a recreational vehicle, is a self-contained, self-propelled vehicle that includes a living area for one or more people. These can range from oversized vans with rudimentary facilities for one or two adults to vehicles the size of a bus with berths for eight people or mo


Ford publishes an annual RV and trailer towing guide that explains which Ford vehicles can be towed behind a motorhome, including models that may be towed four-wheels-down - without a dolly or trailer. Available at Fleet.Ford.com, the Ford RV and trailer towing guides detail speed restrictions and p


Most Ford F-250 Super Duty V8 Diesel truck drivers report an average of 15 miles per gallon fuel efficiency according to Fuelly.com. The lowest driver reported mileage was 9 mpg, and the highest fuel efficiency was 21 mpg.


Motorhome sizes are rated by class, including class A, B and C. Class B motorhomes are the smallest with Class C being the next size up and Class A having the largest models available. The class of a motorhome is also defined by its construction and drive train design.


Motorhomes have standard disc brakes and may also possess air brakes, depending on how large or heavy they are. Due to the large size of a motorhome, it is imperative that proper brake maintenance be performed on a regular basis to prevent accidents from occurring.


Many motorhomes use heavy-duty, fully-automatic transmissions. Allison Transmission is a leading manufacturer of transmissions for motorhomes and truck RVs. Automatic transmissions in motorhomes reduce stress and enable safe driving, because the driver does not have to take a hand off of the steerin


The 2014 Ford F-250 with a gas engine may have an average miles per gallon in the low-to-mid teens, according to Autotrader.com. The Environmental Protection Agency does not test the fuel economy of heavy-duty pickup trucks.


The average gas mileage rating for the 6.8-liter Ford Triton V-10 engine used in Ford's heavy-duty trucks and vans is between 8 and 11 mpg. The actual gas mileage for a given vehicle powered by a V-10 engine varies depending on the exact body style and configuration of the vehicle.


Motorhomes rental services typically charge per night, usually with a minimum number of nights required. The industry average is three nights, but some specials require longer rentals. For example, as of April 2015, USA RV Rentals offers a Super All-Inclusive option that requires a minimum rental of