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Massage won’t deal with the underlying cause of your problem, but it can help to drain some of the fluid from your feet and ankles and reduce swelling. For truly effective results, you should get a massage for edema from a professional.


Are you dealing with uncomfortable swelling in your feet and ankles?This is known as edema, which is the result of excess fluid building up in your tissues. It can be caused by many different things, such as heart disease, pregnancy or certain medications.


According to the National Institutes of Health, edema is unnatural swelling of a body part. Usually occurring in the feet and legs, it is caused by fluid buildup in the tissues. Causes range from high sodium intake to liver disease, cancer and heart failure. A specific form of massage known as lymphatic drainage can help reduce this swelling.


Edema is abnormal fluid accumulation in the spaces between the cells of body tissues, causing swelling and pain. Mostly found in the legs and feet, where it is called peripheral, fluid retention can also accumulate in other areas of the body.


Massage therapy can be beneficial in local causes of edema. This article explains in laymans terms about lymphatic massage therapy for edema and its benefits in many conditions including stress/strain, swelling, breast cancer, etc. Also find more details on leg and foot massage for edema.


Massage therapy focuses on the specific parts of the body where the swelling occurs, such as feet, ankles, or legs. It helps you experience a healthier lifestyle free from discomfort and pain associated with swelling.


Massage can be great for swollen feet and can also promote relaxation. Massage (or have someone massage them for you!) your feet toward your heart with firm strokes and some pressure. This can ...


Swollen feet and ankles can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but there are some wonderful home remedies for this condition that include yoga, grapefruit essential oil, elevation, compression socks, avoiding salty food, parsley, rose, dandelion, massage, and salt water soaks, among others.


Swelling in your legs and feet is a common issue that you can often handle effectively without your doctor’s help. Here are six ways to reduce swelling and pain at home.