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Peripheral artery disease causes foot circulation problems, as the disease causes hardening and thickening of the arterial walls that supply blood to the legs, according MedlinePlus. PAD is a disease more prominent in men over 50 years old.


Some of the primary benefits to those who use foot circulation machines are mitigation of symptoms caused by poor circulation, such as numbness, tingling and aches, and improved blood flow in the foot area, reports Poor Circulation. Consistent use also reduces the frequency of the onset of symptoms.


Poor blood circulation in the legs may cause foot pain. The disorder is common in diabetic people where nerves and blood vessels are damaged, explains NHS Choices.


Treat poor circulation with medication, change in diet, increased exercise and massaging the affected area. Poor circulation is often a sign of an underlying medical issue or of not getting enough exercise.


Poor circulation typically indicates health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or obesity, according to FootSmart. It also often occurs due to peripheral vascular disease, in which blood does not flow properly to and from the heart.


Exercise is one of the few recommended home remedies for poor leg circulation, which is also known as peripheral artery disease, according to Cleveland Clinic. Most patients use a walking program to get their exercise.


To improve circulation in your feet, exercise regularly, stop smoking, eat healthy foods, and avoid some types of cold medications, explains Mayo Clinic. In addition, wash your feet frequently, and wear shoes that fit.


Treatment for pain in the top of the foot includes oral anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone injections and stretching the calf muscles to increase mobility, according to the American Health Network. Functional orthotics are often recommended. In extreme cases, surgical exploration may be necessa


The treatment for foot drop usually depends on the underlying cause, states the Mayo Clinic. Lightweight braces, however, are the most common modes of treatment, according to WebMD.


The three types of circulation that make-up the circulatory system of the body are systemic circulation, pulmonary circulation and portal circulation, according to the Franklin Institute. The three systems work together to ensure proper oxygenation and blood flow throughout the body.