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Some long words that begin with the letter "O" include "obfuscate," which means to darken or confuse, and "obambulate," which means to wander around. Some other long words beginning with the letter "O" are "oblivescence," meaning forgetfulness, and "oneirocriticism," meaning dream interpretation.


Unleavened bread is a food that starts with the letter U. It is bread made without yeast. Unleavened bread, also known as matzah, is closely associated with the Jewish holy day of Passover.


Common foods that start with the letter "i" include ice cream, icing and iceberg lettuce. Less common foods include incaberries, ilama and icaco. Broader categories of food that start with "I" include Irish, Italian and Indian foods, which translate to foods such as Italian bread or Irish soda bread


Oina, over-the-line and old cat are three sports that start with the letter "O." All three games are played with a bat and ball, but each one has a different origin and rules.


Foods that begin with the letter E include eggs, eggplant, edamame, eclairs, English muffins and two leafy vegetables called escarole and endive. When including drinks, espresso is also a possibility.


Foods that start with the letter "N" include nuts, naan bread, navy beans, nectarines, nettles, noodles, New Zealand spinach, nasturtium and nutmeg. Naan bread is a leavened Indian bread that's made from atta wheat flour. It's bread that is slapped on the side of tandoori oven to cook.


There are three types of candy commonly sold in America that begin with the letter O: Orange Slices, Orbit chewing gum and the Oh Henry! candy bar. Among these three, the easiest to find are Orange Slices and Orbit chewing gum.


Foods that start with the letter "c" include cashew, cranberry, coconut, cilantro, chervil, cherry, cheese, chestnuts, chicken, cabbage, cake, calf liver, calf brains, cantaloupe, chub, chorizo, collard greens, clementine, clotted cream, cloves, citron, citrus, croissant, cucumber, cumin, curly endi


Some foods that start with the letter "B" are bananas, bitter melon and berries. Other foods that start with the letter "B" are butter, butterbeans, buttermilk and biscuits.


Oman is the only country in the world that begins with the letter "O." It is a small country in Northern Africa that is bordered by the Indian Ocean.