By definition, a food is considered dairy if it is made from a mammal's milk. Milk that comes from cows, sheep or goats is considered dairy, as is any food product that is made out of that milk. In some parts of the worl... More »

Common dairy products include milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. All types of milk-based cheese are considered part of the dairy group, including mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and cottage cheese. More » Food Food Facts

Popular dairy products include yogurt, cheese, milk and sour cream. When consuming these or other dairy products, it is important to choose the low-fat or fat-free varieties, according to the USDA. More » Food Cooking Dairy & Eggs

As long as the bagels are made without hen eggs or any bovine-related dairy products, they are considered to be vegan. In most recipes, bagels only contain yeast, flour, salt, water and food for the yeast, which can be m... More » Food Food Facts

Foods that cause higher acidity in the body include grains, nuts, dairy products, fish, corned beef and turkey. Seeds, legumes, fruits, corn oil, sweeteners, salt, and tobacco also increase acidity levels. Hard cheeses a... More » Food Food Facts

Some unprocessed foods are fruits and vegetables, dairy products, seeds and nuts. Although the definition of processed foods is not completely concrete, there are some general characteristics of processed foods. Processe... More » Food Food Facts

In colonial times, people ate different types of grains, fish, game birds, fruits, dairy products and vegetables that were available in each colony. Colonists lived in different regions, such as the New England, Middle C... More »