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Several years ago we heard from a reader that eating cabbage lowered his ferritin levels. Ferritin carries iron in the bloodstream and is elevated in hemochromatosis. Others have also reported some success with this dietary approach, though it cannot substitute for expert medical care.


Eating plans to help boost iron levels or reduce iron levels must be individualized. Two handouts provided by the Iron Disorders Institute entitled Boost Your Ferritin and Lower Your Ferritin are good starting points for construction of an eating plan for adults that helps to achieve iron replenishment or iron reduction.


Milk Thistle Reduces Ferritin. Another exciting benefit seen in research is milk thistle’s ability to lower ferritin. One study showed a “significant decrease in ferritin” in a study looking at those with chronic hepatitis. Milk thistle may help to reduce ferritin, as shown in this study on patients with chronic hepatitis.


In my book, Dumping Iron, I wrote a section about the use of natural iron chelators to lower iron (ferritin) levels.These chelators include IP6, curcumin, green tea extract, and quercetin.Here’s what I wrote: Most or all of these natural compounds have not undergone clinical trials in humans to determine how well and how much they can remove iron from the body, and their ability to do so is ...


I believe that high ferritin causes inflammation not the other way around. High ferritin can cause pathogens to grow in your body causing infection, and can make the mitochondria in the cells break down causing oxidation throughout the body. It can cause diabetes brain fog and weight gain. Getting ferritin under control is crucial.


If the saturation is greater than 45%, you could have iron overload. It's a condition called hemochromatosis. Almost always, your ferritin level also would be high in this condition (higher than 200 ng/ml in women, 300 ng/ml in men). There are other reasons for having high levels of iron, ferritin and transferrin saturation.


You may already have high ferritin levels. That means that you’re storing way too much iron. You need to find a way to reduce iron levels in the blood. One way of getting rid of iron is eating cilantro. Cilantro has the effect of removing iron that’s in your body, and it does it safely. There are other methods of removing iron.


If you have symptoms associated with hereditary hemochromatosis, increased serum ferritin levels or high transferrin saturation, you need to undergo treatment. The simplest, most effective way to eliminate iron excess is through serial phlebotomy, also known as bloodletting.


Everyone is biochemically individual, but at our practice we’ve found that a TSH level between 0.5-2.0 is the range where people feel healthy and vibrant. Most labs have “normal” TSH ranges that span anywhere from 4.0-8.0, but most people with TSH levels this high don’t feel well and need to take some steps to reduce their TSH level.


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