Plate service, also called American service, is a name for a type of service where food is prepared and pre-portioned in the kitchen of a restaurant. The food is then served to patrons on plates by a waiter. More »

Food trends evolve from one year to the next, but some current ones as of 2014 include casual sharing plates, various types of tacos, chicken thighs and Southern cuisine. Other trends to look for include savory pancakes ... More » Food

Food Service Warehouse sells dinnerware, cookware, kitchen equipment, janitorial supplies and restaurant furniture for commercial use. It also sells disposable plates, cups and silverware, take-out containers, food stora... More » Business & Finance Industries

The modern kitchen brigade is a system of organization for restaurant kitchens in which there is a Chef, Executive Chef, Sous Chef, and many other positions for supervisory and technical purposes. The modern kitchen is m... More »

Find discount tea cups and saucers at food service and restaurant supply shops such as Dean Supply or The Restaurant Store. Local Goodwill, Salvation Army and community thrift stores may offer even better deals. More » Home & Garden Kitchen Tableware

Suitable oils for deep frying include vegetable, sunflower, sesame, corn, peanut and canola oils depending on the type of food and the fryer. Each deep fat fryer's instruction manual lists suitable oils and which to avoi... More »

The 1971 Hummel Annual Plate was the first collector plate from Hummel-Gloebel and its design, Heavenly Angel, with a figure in green and angel wings playing a flute, is among the most popular. The Globetrotter design of... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting