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Do you suffer from food addiction? This website will introduce you to Food Addicts Anonymous (a.k.a. FAA) and offer a program of recovery. The "About Us" will help to determine whether or not you are a food addict and get you started using the "Tools of Recovery" for food addiction.


Food Addicts Anonymous has four types of meetings: Face-to-Face, or in-person meetings. These are meetings held in certain cities regularly. We have meetings in the United States, as well as other countries. Phone Meetings - these are free phone meetings available to anyone in the world. The times are listed on the Phone Meeting Page.


Help for Food Obsession and Addiction. Food addiction can take many forms. Symptoms include obesity, anorexia, and bulimia. People often think of the term "eating disorders" when describing the disease of food addiction. Food addicts are obsessed with food, body size, and weight.


Food Addicts meetings - many states in US, international. Anonymous meetings open to public. Very informative, inspiring, group support.


Others, like Food Addicts Anonymous, use the principles of the 12-step program along with strict diets that advise people to abstain from problem ingredients, like sugar, refined flour, and wheat.


Food Addiction Support Group. An individual suffering from a food addiction disorder frequently experiences episodes of uncontrolled eating, or binging, during which they may feel frenzied or out of control. They will eat much more quickly than is normal, and continue to eat even past the point of being uncomfortably full.


Recovery from Food Addiction / Binge Eating ... However, Overeaters Anonymous never seemed to help me with my food addiction. The 12 step just didn’t offer enough practical applications for my food addiction. I’d do O.K. for a while, then binge on sweets and fats. I was about to give up again on eating healthy, when I happened upon SMART.


But it's worth it: This is the refrain I hear again and again from the fellowship of Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, which manages to be both the simplest and most draconian of all weight loss ...


Food Addicts Anonymous. 250 likes · 6 talking about this. Food Addicts Anonymous is a society whereby foodaholic here can share their delicious finds on...


Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is an international fellowship of men and women who have experienced difficulties controlling the way they eat. Participation in FA has proven to be an effective, long-term solution to food addiction for many food addicts, whether they are undereaters, bulimics or otherwise food-obsessed.