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The sphenoidal and posterior fontanelles close during the first few months of life. The closures eventually form the sutures of the neurocranium. Other than the anterior and posterior fontanelles, the mastoid fontanelle and the sphenoidal fontanelle are also significant. Closure. In humans, the sequence of fontanelle closure is as follows:


The diagnosis of an abnormal fontanel requires an understanding of the wide variation of normal. At birth, an infant has six fontanels. The anterior fontanel is the largest and most important for ...


In humans, all fontanelles are generally fused by the fifth year of life with 38% of fontanelles closed by the end of the first year and 96% of the fontanelles closed by the second year. In contrast, apes fuse the fontanelles soon after birth: in chimpanzees the anterior fontanelle is fully closed by 3 months of age.


Like the sutures, fontanelles harden over time and become closed, solid bony areas. The fontanelle in the back of the head (posterior fontanelle) most often closes by the time an infant is 1 to 2 months old. The fontanelle at the top of the head (anterior fontanelle) most often closes between 7 to 19 months.


The a nterior fontanelle takes the longest time after birth to close. It will take between 12 to 18 months for the sutures to solidify here. The fontanelle is usually closed by the time the baby ...


The Abnormal Fontanel JOSEPH KIESLER, M.D., and RICK RICER, M.D., University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio ... SMALL FONTANEL OR EARLY FONTANEL CLOSURE Fontanel closure that ...


fontanelle [fon″tah-nel´] one of the membrane-covered spaces remaining at the junction of the sutures in the incompletely ossified skull of the fetus or infant. Actually there are two soft spots close together, representing gaps in the bone structure which will be filled in by bone during the normal process of growth. The anterior fontanelle is ...


There are normally two fontanels, both in the midline of the skull, one (the anterior fontanel) well in front of the other (the posterior fontanel). The posterior fontanel closes first, at latest by the age of 8 weeks in a full-term baby. The anterior fontanel closes at 18 months of age on the average but it can close normally as early as 9 months.


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Craniosynostosis is a birth defect in which one or more sutures on a baby's head closes earlier than usual. The skull of an infant or young child is made up of bony plates that are still growing.