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Fold a dress shirt face down by folding the sides and arms in and folding the bottom up two times. This extra preparation helps keep dress shirts from wrinkling in storage.


Though there are many ways to fold a shirt, one of the simplest methods begins with placing it front side down on a flat surface and folding the left side of the shirt inwards at the armhole. Next, align the sleeve and the side of the shirt towards the middle. Repeat the process for the other side.


A dress can be made out of oversized button-up shirts, t-shirts and sweaters by pulling the neckline of the shirt to the top of the bustline and then wrapping the sleeves around the body. Those who do not know how to sew can easily make a no-sew dress from a large shirt.


Most dress shirts, especially if they are cotton, can be washed in a washing machine and then dried on a low-heat setting or hung out to air dry. While dry cleaning is an option, it is not always the most effective.


Dress up a T-shirt for a girl by using iron-on transfers, fabric paint, fabric trim, patches, jewels and other embellishments to showcase one of her favorite activities or passions. Alternatively, use changeable accessories such as pins and brooches to add temporary flair.


Every dress shirt is labeled with two numbers for easy sizing: The first number refers to your neck size, while the second refers to sleeve length. Understanding how to read dress shirt sizes is fairly simple once you realize this.


Pack a dress shirt by preparing the shirt to be folded, carefully folding the shirt along straight lines, and properly packing it in a suitcase. Other ways to pack dress shirts include rolling and bundling them, although these methods may cause wrinkles to form during travel.


There are many ways to tuck in a dress shirt, but the "military tuck" provides a simple yet effective method to tuck in a dress shirt. To perform the military tuck, pinch the side seams of the shirt, fold the excess fabric back, and button pants to secure the tuck.


Men's dress shirts often have a loop sewn onto the back of the collar to help keep the bow tie loop in place. Loops are most frequently featured on high-quality dress shirts that are worn for black- or whit-tie events.


We don't know about you, but we've never successfully returned a dress shirt to the pristine state it arrived from the store in. Then we saw this simple technique for tucking away dress shirts for minimum wrinkling. We don't know about you, but we've never successfully returned a dress shirt