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Types of Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers [] Introduction []. There are two major types of Liquid-in-glass thermometers which are mentioned below: . Mercury Thermometers ; Alcohol Thermometers; Mercury Thermometers []. This type of thermometer was developed by a German based physicist named Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit.It consists of mercury as a liquid filled in a glass tube.


Best Answer: In the 1990s, mercury thermometers were found too risky to handle and have largely been replaced with electronic thermometers, or, more rarely, thermometers based on liquids other than mercury. In some places it may be illegal to sell products which can contain mercury, such as thermometers. So you don't have to worry about it but you should still be careful.


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The alcohol thermometer or spirit thermometer is an alternative to the mercury-in-glass thermometer and has similar functions. Unlike the mercury-in-glass thermometer, the contents of an alcohol thermometer are less toxic and will evaporate quickly. The ethanol version is the most widely used due to the low cost and relatively low hazard posed by the liquid in case of breakage.


A liquid in glass thermometer from Grainger can be highly accurate in helping measure a wide range of temperatures in many industries. Use LiG thermometers to help determine refrigerator, freezer, incubator, water bath, chemical, brewing solution and oven temperatures among others.


I had a Galileo thermometer on my cherry entertainment center. While dusting the shelf, I hit the brass magnifying glass on the shelf and it slid into the base of the glass thermometer and cracked it. The fluid came gushing out as I went to move it. Within 30 seconds of trying to wipe it up, the liquid dissolved the finish and removed the stain ...


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Cold temperature thermometers are calibrated for use in refrigerators and freezers and frequently include a solution-filled bottle that simulates the temperature of other stored liquids. These thermometers provide readings of both fluid and air temperatures, to help maintain proper air temperature for storing sensitive medical and scientific ...


According to Louis A. Bloomfield, the Galileo thermometer functions according to Archimedes' principle of buoyancy, which states that any object in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to that of the fluid it displaces (see "Thermometers and Thermostats Home Page", below).