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These flu like symptoms can come and go rarely, occur frequently, or persist indefinitely. For example, you may feel flu like symptoms once in a while and not that often, feel them off and on, or feel them all the time.


You might ask your dr. if it possible you have fibromyalgia, I was also getting sick like that but my symtoms were lasting like a week at a time and i was also very fatigued along with the flu like symtoms, they tested me 3 times for lupus which all came back negative, I know see a rhematoid dr regularly to help with the fibromyalgia.


Answers from trusted physicians on can flu symptoms come and go. First: If you are having unexplained fever, chills, sweats and body aches (assuming unrelated to menses or ovulation) then see md to exclude autoimmune disorder.


There are a number of health conditions that have flu-like symptoms like fever and chills, but are not actually influenza, including meningitis, Other bugs can also cause those flu-like symptoms.


Hello dear, Just like common flu,category 1 and category 2 of swine flu have cough,coryza,running nose,sneeze and mild fever.However,category 3 is serious and have breathing difficulty turning into pneumonia and ARDS(Adult respiratory distress syndrome).If this reply helps you,please vote a thanks.


For the past two or three weeks, myself, my wife, and my kids have had flu symptoms on and off. We'll have nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea for about 24 hours, it will go away for a day or two, and then come back. It concerns me as this is not the normal cycle we are accustomed to with the flu.


You’re sneezy, stuffed up, and feel bad all over. Is it a cold, or do you have the flu? The symptoms can be a lot alike. But if you know the warning signs of the flu, you can get treatment ...


3-5 days after suspected bite- Flu-like symptoms, chills, back ache, high fever. 1-2 weeks after bite- upset stomach, diarrhea, fatigue, lightheaded. week 3- I felt fine for a couple of days but then toward the end of the week my allergies got really bad and I got hay fever and then eventually a sinus infection.


About 50 percent of people with Lyme disease have flu-like symptoms within a week of their infection . ... But, unlike a viral flu, for some people the Lyme flu-like symptoms come and go.


Sometimes people confuse herpes symptoms with other things, like pimples, ingrown hairs, and the flu. Herpes symptoms come and go, but that doesn’t mean the infection goes away or that you can’t spread it to other people. Once you have herpes, it stays in your body for life. Genital herpes symptoms