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The Vantageview PD6730 is a plastic, field-mounted flow rate/totalizer that can display flow rate and total from a pulse output flowmeter. Its display has a five digit upper line for rate, a seven alpha-numeric character lower line for total, and comes standard with a backlight.


Flows.com is a leading online supplier of low-cost, accurate, and durable Flow Totalizers for water, fuel, and oil applications.


Flow Meters & Totalizers Flow meters are devices used to measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid in a pipe. Although there are many technologies used to measure flow, the positive displacement flow meter is different as it is the only one to directly measure volume.


What is a Flow Meter Totalizer. Simply put, a totalizer is a running total of how much fluid (gas, liquid, steam) has passed by the sensor within a given time. For example, “in the last 60 seconds, there have been 30 gallons of water flowing by the sensor.” ...


Totalizers, also referred to as total flow meters, typically measure the total flow volume within a closed pipe system.Today, many types of totalizers have several functions. Some may measure additional information, such as flow rate. While some totalizers operate mechanically, others use electrical power.


Vortex Shedding Flowmeters with Totalizer (CPD2) This flowmeter is made for water, water/glycol coolant of low viscosity fluids. There are no moving parts to clog or wear. They are certified CSA and CE. They have a 4-20 mA output. Display is a 6-digit LED and shows flow rate or toggle between running and resettable totals.


FMA-4100/4300 flowmeters support various functions including, programmable flow totalizer, high and low flow alarm, automatic zero adjustment, 2 relay outputs, jumper selectable 0 to 5 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA analog outputs, status LED diagnostic, storage of up to 10 different gas calibrations, internal or user-specific K-factors.


What Is a Flow Totalizer? A flow totalizer measures the amount of liquid or gas that flows through a pipe. Flow totalizers come in a variety of styles, and they are used in a wide variety of applications. ... By using flow meters, farmers can track their water usage and try to reduce the amount they must purchase. Flow totalizers for ...


Magnetic Flow Meters, Liquid Flow Meter, Flow Totalizer Meter SpireMag Series MAG888 high-performance magnetic flowmeter accurately measures the flow volume of any conductive liquids, such as water, salt water, sewage, pulps, slurry, acid, alkali, or, any mixtures of liquids and solids which have a specific minimum of electric conductivity.


How to Get the Flow Totalizer. New Customers: Starting September 3, 2013 (firmware 1.0.74 or higher), all 640i/780i products include the totalization feature on the software program. This feature is FREE of charge. Existing Customers: Flow meters shipped prior to September 3, 2013 (firmware 1.0.73 or lower) will need to send their meters back to the factory for a FREE firmware upgrade which ...