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The following is a listing of plants normally thought to be poisonous. The list is not complete. People should not eat plants not grown as food crops. Children should be taught never to eat non-food crop plants. And you should restrict your pets’ access to questionable plants. Poisonous plants vary between animals.


Poisonous plants and food to avoid. The first rule of feeding bunnies and their delicate tummies is: if in doubt - don't let them eat it! Rabbits have strong tastebuds and will try anything even if it's poisonous - it's up to you to protect them!


Many plants listed here are not all poisonous, only parts of them are. Apple is a good example: the seeds are poisonous, but the fruit is perfectly fine for rabbits.


There are common garden plants that are dangerous and poisonous to rabbits. Good examples of those to stay away from are, Eggplants, Potato plants, Sweet Potato plants, Tomato plants and the root of mustard plants. While on the subject of potatoes, the 'eyes' of potatoes contain a toxin harmful to rabbits.


The vast majority of ornamental plants that you have at home are toxic for rabbits. Some are toxic cause they contain poisonous elements, whilst others are not poisonous but cause gases. Some are toxic cause they contain poisonous elements, whilst others are not poisonous but cause gases.


Common garden plants that are poisonous to rabbits include the eggplant, potato plant, sweet potato plant, tomato plant and the root of mustard plants. Besides the potato plant, the eyes of a potato can also harm rabbits.


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Rabbits Love Plant Materials, Even Toxic Ones Vegetables, fruits, flowers, grasses and herbs are the mainstays of a rabbit's diet. And unfortunately, they will often taste a plant even if it's poisonous.


Thereâ s nothing quite like the frustration of carefully planting and caring for your garden, only for a family of rabbits to show up and mow your plants right down to the ground! Rabbits have favorite foods, and thatâ s why your neighborâ s plants may fare better than yours. ... Periwinkle is toxic to pets, so be careful planting it if your ...


Our bunnies love to eat flowers! They are a great treat and can be sprinkled over hay to make it a bit more interesting and tasty. Here’s a list of flowers you can offer your rabbits in addition to their regular diet.