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There’s more to the orchid than meets the eye. With a delicate, sculptural beauty and historical rarity, these exotic blooms carry an unrivaled symbol of refinement, luxury and mystery.. Check out these five interesting facts about one of the most popular flowers in the world!


The fragrance of orchid flowers is used in perfumes and beauty products. The beans of the Vanilla orchid are dried and used as flavoring for sweet drinks and confections. It is a popular flavoring for ice cream, soft drinks and in cakes. The Orchid Flower’s Message Is… The orchid flower’s message is difficult to dismiss.


Flower Symbolism as Female Sexual Metaphor Abstract The watercolor paintings that I created from September 2009 to March 2010 use flowers as metaphorical subject matter to address issues and emotions associated with the topic of female sexuality. My goal was to use


Typically, Phalaenopsis orchids send up a spike and flower in the fall or winter, although orchid growers now schedule growth cycles to allow the purchase of blooming orchids year-round. Resting Up. Flowering can last from one to three months after which the plant goes into a period of rest or dormancy.


The orchid flower meaning symbolizes a beautiful lady according to the Victorian era. Love. Orchids stand for the symbol of love and affection. It has the ability to grow anywhere and has the resistance power to bloom under any condition, that makes it a symbol of love. During the Victorian Era, it was said, the gifting a flower that was found ...


My Orchid is Not Blooming Information on how temperature, light and fertilizer impact an orchid's ability to flower. Share: Photo by: Susanne Nilsson. Question:Not one of my orchids has rebloomed in over a year. I buy them in flower and they look beautiful for weeks, then they never bloom again. I water once every week to 10 days and fertilize ...


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These Flower Simile poems are examples of Simile poetry about Flower. These are the best examples of Simile Flower poems. ... SIMILES AND METAPHORS OF LOVE LOVE is like a figure of speech It adds beauty to life It inspires us to beat strife It gives colors to sight It expresses feelings tight.


Robert Mapplethorpe’s floral photographs have their own sex appeal – and they are part of a long tradition of art that equates flowers with the erotic, writes Jason Farago.


Every metaphor has its limits, and one of the limits of the orchid versus dandelions metaphor is that it implies a binary, A or B. division of personality types determined by behavioral gene ...