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In the science of plant biology, a plant's stem consists of nodes and internodes.A plant stem's nodes are those critical areas from which leaves, branches, and aerial roots grow out from the stem, while the internodes are those intervals between the nodes.


In winter, the leaves of many plants will lack leaves, and some nodes will never grow stems, but still, in these cases, you can usually find buds at a node on living wood. Sometimes, however, the buds will have died and fallen off at that node. Sometimes buds are there but might be minuscule and easy to miss (such as in sourwood) or buried in the wood and invisible.


A plant node, also known as a leaf node or stem node, is the part of the plant that causes leaf growth. Nodes are located along the plant's stem. Finding plant nodes is important to effective pruning maintenance and also to regenerating plants by planting new roots.


A flower is a part of a plant. Flowers are also called the bloom or blossom of a plant. The flower grows on a stalk – a thin node – which supports it. Click for more kids facts and information or download the worksheet collection.


Other articles where Node is discussed: stem: Growth and anatomy: …the stem at intervals called nodes; the intervals on the stem between the nodes are called internodes. The number of leaves that appear at a node depends on the species of plant; one leaf per node is common, but two or or more leaves may grow at the nodes of…


Node – a point of attachment of a leaf or a twig on the stem in seed plants. A node is a very small growth zone. Pedicel – stems that serve as the stalk of an individual flower in an inflorescence or infrutescence. Peduncle – a stem that supports an inflorescence; Prickle – a sharpened extension of the stem's outer layers, e.g. roses.


flower - the reproductive unit of angiosperms. flower stalk - the structure that supports the flower. internode - the area of the stem between any two adjacent nodes. lateral shoot (branch) - an offshoot of the stem of a plant. leaf - an outgrowth of a plant that grows from a node in the stem.


You can also cut off the stem leaving two nodes (those little brown lines on the stem below where the flowers were) on the stem. One of these nodes will then initiate and generally produce flowers within eight to 12 weeks. Younger or weaker plants may not rebloom and some Phalaenopsis are genetically incapable of reblooming from the old spike.


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