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Flowering, non-woody plants are characterized by multiple flower parts of four or five without parallel-veined leaves, according to the New England Wild Flower Society. Floral characteristics are important to know because there are wide ranges of species. Some narrow-leaf species have just a single


As of 2104, one resource for identifying types of flowers online is the Better Homes and Gardens Plant Encyclopedia. To identify a flower type, input the characteristics into the database using the categories provided.


There are a number of applications that can be used in flower identification. Some of these applications serve as electronic field guides, allowing users to access images and descriptions of flowers for the purposes of comparison. Other applications allow users to upload images for identification pu


Find out the meanings of different flower colors by looking at florist websites or websites that specialize in symbolism. While flower color meanings are generally similar, slight differences exist depending on the source. Also, flower colors can have different meanings depending on the specific spe


Blue flowers include the blue hydrangea, rozanne geranium, delphinium, brunnera and bluestar. Others include the bellflower, balloon flower and morning glory. These flowers vary in shades of blue and purple.


Eastern redbud, flowering crabapple and crepe myrtle are colorful flowering trees. Other trees with brightly-hued blossoms include the flowering dogwood, southern magnolia, golden chain tree and cherry tree.


Bird identification guides are available from the Audubon Society, Cornell University and National Geographic. Depending on the organization, options include online guides, special apps for iPads and mobile phones and printed copies. Amazon also offers guides in printed and Kindle editions.


Flowers are often brightly colored in order to attract attention from insects, such as bees, that pollinate the flowers. Most insects that are necessary for the pollination process can see color, and the different colored flowers typically act as signals to notify insects that they are ready. The co


Wood can be identified by examining characteristics such as the grain, texture, color, weight and hardness, and then comparing those traits to a guide or database that contains samples of various woods. Other observations, such as where the wood came from, can also help with identification.


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