A flow totalizer measures the amount of liquid or gas that flows through a pipe. Flow totalizers come in a variety of styles, and they are used in a wide variety of applications. By recording the results of the totalizer... More »

To calculate intravenous flow rates, use the IV flow rate formula, which is volume in milliliters divided by the time in minutes, times the drop factor, explains Assessment Technologies Institute. Correctly calculating t... More »

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To calculate the water flow rate, square the pipe's diameter, and then multiply that number by pi, .25 and the velocity of the water flow. For example, a pipe with a diameter of 3 inches, or .25 feet, and a water velocit... More »

As more and more gas enters a fuel tank, the distance between the liquid and the nozzle shrinks, and a small pipe next to the gas nozzle sinks into the rising fuel. At that point, the small pipe's air pressure is choked ... More »

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The mass air flow sensor is located right after a car's air filter along the intake pipe before the engine. The sensor helps a car's computer determine how much fuel and spark the engine should be outputting. More »

One way to calculate the pressure drop of fluid through a pipe is using the Reynolds number, which is equal to the velocity of the liquid's flow multiplied by the diameter of the pipe and then divided by the kinematic vi... More »

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An engine coolant temperature sensor needs replacing if the vehicle has trouble starting, black smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe or the vehicle consumes more gas than normal, according to CarsDirect. Leaking coolant a... More »

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