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A rebuilt title refers to a vehicle that has been declared totaled by an insurance company, but was later able to be repaired and given a new title. This title is also referred to as a salvage title.


Rebuilt title cars are typically not priced the same as salvage title cars because salvage title cars need extensive work done. As such, rebuilt title cars often have higher sale prices than salvage title cars.


Several sources for rebuilt 4.3 liter automotive and marine engines can be found on the web. Rebuilt 4.3 engines also are available from some auto parts retailers.


Several online retailers, including Gearhead Engines and Advance Auto Parts, provide consumers with an extensive range of fully remanufactured engines. However, consumers may visit local automotive retailers for a directory of companies that offer rebuilt engines.


There are many reputable online auto parts, auctions and specialized sale sites that offer rebuilt model A engines for sale; sellers such as American Listed usually have a website with contact information, an actual location where the engine can be inspected prior to purchase and a disclosure of the


A rebuilt transmission is a transmission that has been taken apart, thoroughly inspected, and has had all its faulty parts replaced. Once the worn parts have been replaced, the transmission is put back together to factory specifications.


Many websites sell rebuilt automatic and manual transmissions including Summit Racing, JEGS and Speedway Motors. As of 2015, Turner Motorsport and eBay also have rebuilt transmissions for sale.


Reliable rebuilt transmissions are available on auto transmission websites such as CertifiedTransmission.com. PowerTrainDirect.com and JasperEngines.com. Other websites that feature rebuilt transmissions include Automatic-Transmissions.com and TransmissionExpress.com.


Brake calipers can be rebuilt if needed. Some older brake calipers may be hard to find, and rebuilding them may be the only option. Pistons and rubber parts need to be replaced new, but the rest of the caliper parts don't typically wear out.


ATK Marine Engines sells high-quality re-manufactured boat engines for various types of watercraft. Atlantic Marine also offers rebuilt and upgraded marine engines for various commercial brands, while Mercury Marine re-manufactures its own engines.