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The Typical Cost to Restore a Flooded Basement. The typical cost to remove standing water in a basement averages from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 or more and varies from different flooding clean up companies. Factors related to the size of the basement and how deep the water directly impacts this cost.


How much a flooded basement should cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Costs will vary considerably depending on whether there's an inch of clean water covering the basement floor, a foot of sewer water, or several feet of water, mud and other storm debris.


A minor flood with several inches of water could cost $10,000 to repair, whereas a more substantial flood could cost between $25,000 and $50,000 to remediate. The length of time the water sat also affects the price to repair the flooded basement, because of mold issues. To help keep costs down, the first thing you need to do is dry out the ...


Water Damage Cleanup Costs Depending on the size, a light cleanup of your basement could cost as little as $1,000. This is the cost to fix water damage and dry your basement thoroughly. This does not include the potential thousands lost in damp or drenched furniture, rugs, or other possessions.


SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are highly trained in water damage restoration including basement and crawlspace flooding. They have the experience, expertise, and equipment to remove the water and dry your basement properly. Their water removal and drying process emphasizes monitoring and documentation to validate your property is dry.


The longer your basement sits in water, the more it’s going to cost to clean up. Basement Flooding is the top cause of mold and mildew. You can clean up some of the icky mess yourself to save money, but a pro is much nicer on your back (and your nose).


A fast response is crucial, so if you have basement flooding, please call now and we can provide you with a free quote! No obligation – just call for a free basement flood cleanup estimate! Getting a reasonable cost for cleaning up after a basement flood shouldn’t be a hassle. And if you call us, we’ll make sure of that.


Basement flooding is awful — but it’s not the end of the world. Here are tips on how to handle basement flood cleanup and water damage restoration.


HomeAdvisor s Water Damage Repair and Restoration Cost Guide delivers average price estimates for water damage. Learn the costs of flood damage cleanup for ceiling, drywall, floor, and basements. ... The savings are incredible considering basement cleanup and repairs can run upwards of $10,000.


The cost of water damage restoration is based on several factors. These include the size of the affected area, the extent of the damage, the materials and water type. There are three categories -- the least expensive to clean up is category 1, which is clean water from a faucet or supply pipe.