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Species: Any large group of birds, no matter how many different species make up the group, can be called a flock if only a general flock term is used. The more unique, specialized terms, however, are only used for single-species flocks. The exception is when all the species that make up the flock are still in the same related family.


Catholic Cardinals are called Catholic because they are members of the one Church that Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, founded. It has been called that since the first century, it means universal.


What is a group of cardinal birds called? ... In general, a group of birds is called a flock, but there are special words for groups of some species of birds, e.g., a gaggle of geese.


A Flock Of Cardinals. ... In a sign of the variety of the latest men John Paul called from 27 countries to be part of the church's most elite group, some new cardinals from eastern Rite churches ...


Best Answer: A group of cardinals may be called a college , a conclave, a deck, a radiance, or a Vatican of cardinals. I have only heard the term deck of cardinals used but word choice varies as much as accents, like how people say "y'all" in Texas and "you guys" way up north.


The northern cardinal type species was named by colonists for the male's red crest, reminiscent of a Catholic cardinal's biretta. The "North American buntings" are known as such to distinguish them from buntings of the Old World family Emberizidae. The name "cardinal-grosbeak" can also apply to the cardinalid family as a whole.


BIRD NAMES BY GROUPS You’ve heard of a “gaggle” of geese or a “murder” of crows, but what do you call a group of Finches, Jays or Woodpeckers? Generic collective nouns such as “flock fleet,” or “dissimulation” can apply to all bird species; however, there are more distinctive terms used for groups of specific types of


Northern Cardinal: This large crested finch has a vivid red body. The black mask and chin contrast with a heavy red bill. Female is duller overall, with red wings and tail washed with gray, and smaller crest. Forages on the ground in trees and bushes. Feeds on seeds, grains, fruits, insects and snails. Hops instead of walking on the ground.


In winter, cardinals find three's no longer a crowd. ... Although we call this a flock, cardinals aren't social birds like goldfinches and cedar waxwings, which spend their days with others of ...


Cardinals may hang out with one flock (of other cardinals) one day, get bored with them, and hookup with a more interesting flock a day or two later. Factors that determine flock size are the availably food, time of day and weather. Cardinals seem to feed together more in the morning and disperse as the day wears on.