Flea bites typically go away on their own, but over-the-counter antihistamine medications and anti-itch creams can provide relief for humans with flea bites, according to Healthline. Individuals should avoid scratching t... More »

Fleas bite humans and often target both the legs and feet. Flea bites are extremely itchy and uncomfortable. They appear as red spots surrounded by reddened circles. More »

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Fleas bite humans to obtain blood, their source of energy and nutrients, states the Illinois Department of Public Health. The human flea prefers humans and pigs, but humans are also bitten by other species of flea such a... More »

Flea bites go away on their own and normally do not require treatment, according to Healthline. Anti-itch creams available over the counter help to alleviate the itching. Oral antihistamines are helpful as well. More »

Some treatment options for chigger bites are an oral antihistamine and a corticosteroid ointment to apply on the bites, states MedlinePlus. To relieve the symptoms of a chigger bites, which are extremely itchy skin, rash... More »

Flea bites are small, red and round, explains Healthline. They do not increase in size like mosquito bites, and they often occur in groups of three or four, arranged in a straight line. Common sites for flea bites includ... More »

Fleas can carry infectious diseases from animals, and their bites can transfer these diseases to humans. The Public Health Department of Seattle and King County states that a flea bite does not necessarily mean a person ... More »