Obtain the measurements of a flat screen television by recording the diagonal distance of the screen to determine its screen size, then the standard length and width of the front. Measure the depth of the display screen,... More »

Flat screen televisions are less expensive than their newer, curved counterparts. In sizes smaller than a 65-inch screen, flat screens spread light more evenly across the entire panel, giving the screen brightness greate... More »

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Although it's possible to repair some parts of a broken flat-screen TV, it isn't cost-effective, and some parts, including the screen itself, cannot be easily repaired at home. Because flat screen TVs employ a layer of p... More »

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A TV size distance calculator helps a consumer determine the optimum television screen size for a viewing area. It suggests a suitable television screen size that can deliver the best picture quality from where the viewe... More »

A lot of consumers think that a television's screen size is the width of the screen from left to right. But in reality, it is a diagonal measurement. More »

The dimensions of a Samsung TV vary depending on the type of television being purchased as well as its screen size. For a Samsung LED TV, for example, the screen size can range from between 32 and 75 inches for certain m... More »

Mounting a flat screen television on a wall is a simple process that requires some caution. The process takes about an hour, and you need a screwdriver, lever, stud finder, drywall saw and a pencil. It is also helpful to... More »

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