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In psychology, these are called flashbulb memories, which are memories of learning something so shocking or surprising that it creates a strong and seemingly very accurate memory of learning about ...


Psychology Definition of FLASHBULB MEMORY: the term that is given to any memory that is associated with a personally significant or emotional event. These memories have a photographic quality of the


Flashbulb Memory. The sudden onset of a clear memory of an emotionally significant moment or event. When you are trying to remember something and then it "all of a sudden comes to you", you have experienced a flash bulb memory. It is like turning on a light.


A flashbulb memory is a highly detailed, exceptionally vivid 'snapshot' of the moment and circumstances in which a piece of surprising and consequential (or emotionally arousing) news was heard. The term "flashbulb memory" suggests the surprise, indiscriminate illumination, detail, and brevity of a photograph; however flashbulb memories are only somewhat indiscriminate and are fa...


In the field of psychology, there have been many different terms encountered. One of them is the flashbulb memory psychology which has various related concepts. Aside from that, there were also various existing issues and concerns around this term.


Flashbulb memory definition: the clear recollections that a person may have of the circumstances associated with a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


Define flashbulb memory. flashbulb memory synonyms, flashbulb memory pronunciation, flashbulb memory translation, English dictionary definition of flashbulb memory. n psychol the clear recollections that a person may have of the circumstances associated with a dramatic event


What Is a Flashbulb Memory? A flashbulb memory is a vivid and concrete memory that is created in the brain when a person experiences or learns of emotional, shocking events. People tend to remember very specific details of flashbulb memories.


Is flashbulb memory are accurate? Flashbulb memory is created through the emotional arousal of news. So, people formed a strong perception regarding the snapshot. But some of the research shows that flashbulb memory can be inaccurate sometimes. How do we create a flashbulb memory? Positive events and Negative events both are capable to create ...


Start studying AP Psychology: Chapter 9 - Memory. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Create. Log in Sign up. Log in Sign up. 37 terms. sileelilie. AP Psychology: Chapter 9 - Memory. STUDY. PLAY. flashbulb memory. clear memory of emotionally significant moment or event. ... AP Psychology ...