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To use a flash drive, insert the flash drive into the computer, and drag the files that you want to save to the applicable file path. Flash drives have different memory capacities, meaning there are restrictions on the volume of data that you can store on them.


To save files to a flash drive, insert the flash drive into the USB port, open a file with a computer program, click on "Save As" and select the flash drive from the provided list. This process takes less than two minutes.


A flash drive that is compatible with the Xbox console will have a USB connection type. It should be connected to an available USB slot in order to provide extra memory for games and other files.


A flash drive holds as little as eight megabytes and typically as much as one terabyte, as of 2013. Flash drives are popular for personal and professional use, as these successfully store large amounts of computer data.


Most flash drives are set up out of the box to allow recording, or writing, new information, but some are write-protected, or "read-only." However, it is possible to change the protection settings on a flash drive in a number of ways.


Copying and pasting and dragging and dropping are two simple methods of transferring files to or from a flash drive or other type of removable disk. Additional methods include using the Send To function and using keyboard shortcuts to move data.


Memory Stick is the brand name for a proprietary Sony-owned storage format, whereas a flash drive is a generic category storage format. Both products use flash memory in order to save data, but Sony Memory Sticks generally work exclusively with Sony devices as opposed to flash drives, which connect


To remove write protection from a USB flash drive, open the Start menu on your computer, and click run. When prompted, type in "regedit," and press enter to open the registry editor. Next, navigate to the storage device policies within the control section of the system. Find the write protect key on


Thumb drives are a subset of flash memory drives, which are small and can interface with another device through a USB port. Almost all thumb drives are flash drives, but not all flash-based storage drives are thumb drives.


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