Some flammable household items are obvious, such as matches, lighters and candles. Some are less obvious, such as some upholstery, wooden furniture, children's toys and some foods. More »

Camera film, talcum powder, fertilizer and pencil lead are examples of household items containing minerals. Most solid, inorganic substances around the home are either made from minerals or extracted from minerals. More »

EBay, Craiglist, and are all websites where you can sell household items online. Sellers on eBay must create an account to use the site's services. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Uses for round storage containers include wreaths, candles, household items and holiday decorations. Different sizes and styles of round storage containers are available for both indoor and outdoor use, with some designe... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

When any item burns, the reaction involves the consumed material and oxygen, so without oxygen, candles (and any other objects) do not burn. In a closed system without air flow, a candle's flame consumes all of the avail... More » Science Physics Thermodynamics

As described by General Wax, candles burn through a cyclic process by which the flame melts the wax, which is drawn up the wick into the flame where the wax vaporizes and ignites, producing heat which in turn melts more ... More » Science Physics Thermodynamics

Church candle lighters aid in lighting candles in sanctuaries and altars, and are decorative as well as functional. Candle lighters are typically made of brass or another shiny metal and fitted with a handle for gripping... More » World View Religion