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Peeling skin on your hands or fingers can cause much discomfort when going about your daily activities. Red rashes, flaking skin, and blisters on your hands can also make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed in social situations.


Skin peeling can also result from a disease or condition, which may start someplace other than your skin. This type of skin peeling is often accompanied by itching. Conditions that may cause skin peeling include: Allergic reactions; Infections, including some types of staph and fungal infections; Immune system disorders; Cancer and cancer treatment


What Causes Skin to Peel on the Hands?. Exfoliative keratolysis is an excessive peeling of the skin on the palm of the hands and is sometimes called "focal palm peeling." The condition is preceded by an outbreak of air-filled blisters across the fingers and palms, which may be caused by eczema. These blisters inevitably burst, causing the palm peeling.


What Causes Peeling in Hands? How to Help ... Home Remedies for Peeling Hands. The skin around the hands is delicate and sensitive, making peeling in this area a potential problem which causes discomfort and embarrassing. Peeling hands is usually a temporary problem that will clear up in a few days as new skin begins to grow. If peeling is a ...


peeling skin; scaly skin; Scaling skin may make a person self-conscious, particularly if it occurs on their hands, feet, face, or other visible areas. ... Peeling skin on your hands can be caused ...


Peeling on your hands can be attributed to a variety of conditions depending on your symptoms. In some cases your symptoms can present with blisters, which go on to pop, causing your skin to peel. Other conditions are caused by irritants that can dry your skin, causing them to feel itchy then peel.


What Causes Skin Peeling? There are a lot of things that can cause hand skin peeling, including sickness, genetic predisposition, or even environmental factors. Eczema on the hands is a fairly common reason for the skin on your hands to peel, and it is something that is inherited, not contracted; allergies are another common culprit.


The skin on the fingertips can peel or crack, which can be both uncomfortable and concerning. Skin peeling on the fingertips is not uncommon, as most instances of peeling skin occur on the hands ...


The main symptom is painless peeling of the skin on the hands and feet. Patients may also experience itching and erythema. Symptoms can be made worse with exposure to water, perspiration, heat, or friction ... Unlike with the Peeling Skin syndromes, the main exacerbations are during cold, ...


Peeling skin syndrome is a genetic skin disorder, which is quite rare. If a person experiences peeling of skin on the feet and hands, along with skin peeling all over the body, it could be due to this disorder.