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It was just the world’s largest flag. But a brief flight at the Hoover Dam this spring put the flag in a different category: The largest flag flown. On May 1, Demski’s 1.36-ton flag, with ...


The dam was originally called Boulder Dam and was built during the Great Depression. Naming the dam was controversial, since the name was changed to Hoover Dam before and then changed back to Boulder Dam (thanks to Harold Ickes) before it was changed once again to Hoover Dam for good. It was indeed named for 31st President Herbert Hoover.


There is an ominous connection with the release of Halo 4, the new $50 bill, the Hoover Dam, Barack Obama, and the promise of Salvation through Grace. Halo 4 South Park Simpsons Doomsday Clock ...


Hoover-Dam-Denver - Nevada is filled with things to do and see from the iconic Hoover Dam to the famous Las Vegas Strip. Here are 7 of the best attractions in Nevada. Hoover Dam 30 minute drive from Las Vegas a must see when your in town Aerial view of Hoover Dam ( looming south) just outside of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.


When the Hoover Dam was finished in 1936 it was hailed as an architectural and engineering feat for the United States. What wasn’t being cheered, however, was the state of the union as a whole, as the U.S. economy was in the depths of the Great Depression.


The giant American flag was draped across Hoover Dam as the Olympic torch was carried across it in 1996, on its way to Atlanta, Georgia. Thomas Demski had the flag made to capture the Guinness designation of the World's Largest Flag. It cost $80,000, weights 3,000 pounds, and measures 255 by 505 feet.


Historic United States and Utah State Flags and other Artifacts on Exhibit at Colonial Flag to commemorate Flag Day (June 14th) After almost 8 years of work, and at a cost of $240 million - a bridge that will let drivers bypass the Hoover Dam along the Arizona-Nevada border opened Tuesday night, October 19th, 2010.


A Hoover flag referred to an empty pocket being turned inside out so that it was visible. It represented the desperate economic conditions that were prevalent during President Herbert Hoover's administration.


In commemoration of Flag Day, I offer this image of Hoover Dam on May 1, 1996. On that day, a 505 foot by 255 foot American flag was flown from the downstream face of Hoover Dam. The flag itself weighed 3,000 pounds, and was hoisted by 3 separate cables located at the top of the dam.


Hoover Tour Information. Hoover Dam On-Line Store Own a keepsake of Hoover Dam! The Bureau of Reclamation - which built and operates Hoover Dam - offers several products for purchase that have been authorized for sale under the "Hoover Dam Miscellaneous Sales Act" of 2000.These items are only available from our vendor's secure website or at the dam.