The yellow stripe in the middle of the Bahamas flag represents the sun as well as the sandy beaches that line the 700 Bahamian islands. The two aqua blue stripes on the top and bottom represent the ocean waters that surr... More »

According to CNN, the best beaches for seashell collecting are Sanibel Island, Ocracoke Island, Bandon, Galveston, Tunnels Beach, Flag Ponds Nature Park, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Eleuthera Island, Great Pecon... More »

The Bahamas is renowned for its relaxing ambiance that features a wide array of natural and man-made attractions, such as its numerous islands, stellar beaches, nature reserves, parks and museums. San Salvador, an island... More »

The gold in the flag of Jamaica stands for the sun, the green stands for the land and the black stands for the people. The flag first flew on August 6, 1962, the day of Jamaican Independence from the United Kingdom. More »

The colors of the Cuban flag, blue, red and white, signify the divisions of the island nation and symbolize both its historical struggle for independence as well as the peace it now enjoys. The arrangement and design ele... More »

The Bahamas has 700 islands and 2,400 cays. It has a total area of 5,382 square miles. The highest point in the Bahamas is Mount Alvernia, which is located on Cat Island, at 206.7 feet. More »

The Bahamas are located in the North Atlantic ocean. The islands are located southeast of the state of Florida and northeast of Cuba. More »