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Solved! What to Do About Water Stains on the Ceiling Conceal an unsightly water stain on the ceiling—and put a stopper on the leak that caused it—with these stain-fighting tips.


Unsightly water stains on the ceiling don't have to ruin the look and feel of a room. Make your ceiling look new again. You can fix a water stain by just following a few steps, buying some basic ...


Fix the stain. Check to see if the ceiling is wet or just stained. Most water stains will be on the ceiling below a bathroom fixture. If the ceiling is wet … Poke a hole in the center of the water stain with a drill bit. Have a bucket on hand to catch additional water that’s trapped behind the ceiling. Check for mold (see rookie tip below).


When water stains mar your ceiling, the water comes from above. Whether from the roof or a slow leak from a water pipe, the drip itself is more of a problem than the stain. If possible, examine ...


What can I do about water stains on the ceiling? One of the last things a homeowner wants to see when he or she looks up is water damage on the ceiling: yellow, discolored rings and blotches marring that otherwise uniform surface.It could be a plumbing leak, an enthusiastic bather, a roof failure or a siding malfunction.


How to Get Water Stains Off a Ceiling. Water stains on your ceiling can dramatically reduce the resale value of your home and be a terrible eye sore. Whether you're planning to move, have some repairs to do, or just want to spruce your...


When water leaks onto a drywall ceiling, ugly coffee-colored stains usually appear. Sometimes the ceiling texture will become saturated and start to flake off. We'll show you how to repair small damaged areas of typical popcorn ceiling texture. It's easy when you use a special texture patch now available in an aerosol spray can.


Many ceiling stains on textured plaster are the result of water leaks. Sealing a stain without correcting the situation that caused it could hide evidence of further water infiltration, so address ...


I show you how I treat a water stain so you can paint over it with out it bleeding through your new coat of paint. Knowing what to use is the trick here. There are many different brands and they ...