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what fish will get along together with:2 angelfish,3 platties,4 golden barbs,4 Odessa barbs and 1 neon tetra? I have got a 200 litre tank,is this overstocked? Also how many more fish can I keep in this tank? thanks


These fish aren’t as aggressive as African cichlids. Still, they get along best with each other (and fish of other species) if they’re all about the same size. Keep in mind that South American cichlids can grow to be anywhere from six to 12 inches long. Shop cichlids


The freshwater fish compatibility chart below will give a good overview of the common types of fish that can usually be kept happily together. For first timers, or those who are new to the hobby and are setting up a community tank, this guide can help you make good fish choices.


To know which fish to put together in a tank, decide if you want to keep freshwater or saltwater fish. Next, narrow your search by choosing types of fish that thrive at the same water temperature. It's also important that the fish fall into the same pH range, have similar eating patterns, and are similar in size for the best results.


In addition to choosing fish breeds that live well together, it is a general rule of thumb to keep male and female livebearers separate and not have both genders in the same tank. These fish breed very easily, and if they are able to mate repeatedly, the tank can quickly become overrun and overcrowded with just one type of fish. Single Fish Schools


Goldfish are often chosen by aquarium enthusiasts who want to keep a school of fish. However, you must select goldfish tank mates carefully to avoid potential problems. Though not all non-aggressive fish are suitable to dwell with goldfish, choosing the right species will help you create a harmonious aquatic community.


It can be very intimidating to a new hobbyist trying to put it all together. Saltwater Fish Compatibility Guide By Quarryshark. This is a rough outline to show general tendencies of different fish and is not intended as the ultimate stocking planner. It should be noted that each individual fish (like any other animal) is different.


Once you know what fish can live with bettas you will see that owning betta fish with other fish is a lot of fun because it brings so much variety to your aquarium. Neon Tetra with Betta Fish Neon Tetra tend to stay around the mid-tank area, keeping their distance from any bettas so they will often get along.


a guide for helping you decide what tropical fish may be kept together to form a community aruarium. Community Aquariums : 7 visitors online . This section will try to explain what a "community aquarium" is, the type of fish we can keep in it and the basics of setting one up. ... that can thrive and get along well with each other, but do not ...


The tank is a 10 gallon. I couldn’t find anything online that said male Bettas and koi fish couldn’t be together. This is an experiment that male Betta fish do get along with other male fish however they eat at different time periods.