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You can learn Spanish words through word lists on websites that teach Spanish, such as LearnSpanishToday.com, SpanishPod101.com and StudySpanish.com. You can also use an online Spanish dictionary, such as SpanishDict.com, to look up words in Spanish or English.


Some tips for learning Spanish are to work on developing an ear for the language, practicing speaking and being consistent. Additional tips are to use flashcards and label the things in the immediate environment.


Some easy ways to learn Spanish include developing an "ear" for the Spanish language, practicing speaking as often as possible, and consistency. Learners can practice getting an "ear" for Spanish by listening to Spanish music, watching movies in Spanish and listening to native speakers.


The easiest way for a novice to learn a few basic words in Spanish is by using a free online language course from resources such as Babbel, StudySpanish.com, Fluencia or Duolinguo. Many of these programs are also available as apps for smartphones or tablets. Useful and thorough beginners' vocabulary


Tips for learning Spanish numbers include memorizing numbers one through 20, practicing frequently and learning the system for the rest of the numbers. The learner should determine his learning type before memorizing the numbers.


There is a pronunciation guide for basic Spanish at the Omniglot website. This includes a pronunciation guide to the Spanish alphabet (or "alfabeto"), enabling users to gain a better understanding of how to sound a variety of basic Spanish words.


"Los Numeros," "Spanish Word Bingo" and "Spanish-English Word Match" are some good games to help with learning Spanish. Features, difficulty levels and themes within each game vary depending on the title. All these Spanish games are freely accessible through RockAlingua.com, ABCya.com and LearningGa


Spanish can be learned at most universities and high schools; furthermore, numerous online language courses exist. Though online classes are often a poor substitute for having someone actually speak the language with you, they are a cheap and valuable resource for brushing up on Spanish vocabulary,


A wide array of online resources are dedicated to English speakers learning Spanish. Three of the most well-known Spanish learning sites are Duolingo, StudySpanish.com and Fluencia.


Some programs for learning Spanish online for free include StudySpanish.com and Babbel.com. The online language learning social network Duolingo.com also connects Spanish speakers with speakers of other languages.